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Chevron Pump Vibration Resolved Through MagnaDrive Coupling Systems

Companies across the globe experience vibration within their pumps due to high-speed performance and coupling products not being rated for high speeds. The challenge is maintaining high-speed productivity while reducing vibration and eliminating wear on pump seals. It’s the challenge that the team at Chevron faced and one that was addressed by the team at

Reduce Maintenance Challenges with Permanent Magnetic Shaft Couplings

Conventional bolted couplings are known to be a leading cause of maintenance challenges in the modern industrial plant. These products require alignment, can transfer vibration to equipment and may cause equipment reliability issues over time. It’s why many plant operators are now turning to permanent magnetic shaft couplings in response. In this latest post, we’ll

MagnaDrive Technology Helps NTPC Save On Energy

Companies throughout the industrial marketplace are now experiencing the damage caused by vibrations between the couplings and their connected equipment. The vibration limits system efficiency and enhances the need for equipment maintenance over the long-term. Our team at MagnaDrive has great experience resolving vibration-related coupling issues and our recent case study involving our work with

Newly Developed Magnetic Coupling products for Energy Saving and Reliable Operation with Easy Maintenance

MagnaDrive will be presenting a paper titled “Newly Developed Magnetic Coupling products for Energy Saving and Reliable Operation with Easy Maintenance” at the Middle East Rotating Machinery Technology and Innovation Conference & Showcase (ME RoTIC) – The event is scheduled to take place on 25th – 27th September, 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  ME

How Minnesota Power Reduced Vibration with the MagnaDrive MGTL Couplings

The data now shows that magnetic couplings are helping companies save thousands of dollars per year on machine maintenance. Our team at MagnaDrive have helped many companies to capitalize on the benefits that magnetic couplings can bring to their plant. In this latest post, we’ll offer an overview of our recent work with the team

Solve your high vibration problems with MagnaDrives new Synchra magnet to magnet non-slip couplings

SYNCHRA is targeted primarily for maintenance intensive applications and includes high speed rotating equipment. The SYNCHRA is a magnet to magnet high performance non-slip and non-contact magnetic coupling. The highest power to size ratio of all of MagnaDrive’s product offerings, it is designed for up to 1500 HP applications. SYNCHRA introduces many benefits versus other

Motor Couplings Solve Problems Other Couplings Cannot

Not every design calls for a MagnaDrive motor coupling – but you will know when yours does. MagnaDrive products use a proprietary and patented magnetic process for torque transfer, centered around our own high-power Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. They are mounted on either side of the motor shaft, with an air gap in between. By varying the