Studies show that over 80% of all rotary equipment failures are related to vibration. Vibration reduction from MagnaDrive’s technology offers industry the most effective reliability improvement solution available.

MagnaDrive’s technology transmits torque across an air gap with no mechanical connection. This “disconnected connection” reduces vibration associated with shaft misalignment, equipment unbalance and resonance. Reductions in vibration from 50% to 85% are the norm.

MagnaDrive’s technology can tolerate shaft misalignment up to .200 inch and have no vibration increase. This is over 100 times the misalignment acceptable in most conventional installations.

In addition to vibration benefits, MagnaDrive’s technology offers other reliability improvements as a result of its unparalleled shock load protection. Load spikes, even seizures, are transmitted “softly” eliminating damage to shafts, motor feet and mounts. The disconnected cushioned start capability can slowly accelerate driven equipment reducing stress-induced fatigue failures. This feature removes water hammer stresses and pressure surges in systems.

Traditional system designs run fans or pumps at the speed (rpm) of the motor and then employ dampers or flow control valves to restrict flow to needed levels. Because MagnaDrive’s technology runs pumps or fans at the speed that produces the precise flow or pressure required, not the higher motor rpm, equipment seals and bearings see increased life. As dampers and flow control valves are no longer needed, they can be removed, further reducing maintenance.

Today’s industrial processes are complex and sensitive to variation. Attainment and maintenance of set points and the smooth transition between set points is critical to process control. By efficiently responding to any industrial control signal (generally 4-20ma) MagnaDrive’s technology permits precise process control by adjusting flow, level, or pressure without hunting, over-shooting or under-shooting. The MagnaDrive ASD offers process managers infinitely adjustable and repeatable set points. This ability to achieve consistent performance through use of MagnaDrive’s technology improves system reliability.

The MagnaDrive ASD generates none of the damaging electronic harmonics created by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). VFDs are known to cause harmonics and voltage transients that can disrupt electronic equipment and cause overheated motor windings. With the MagnaDrive technology, motors run at their nameplate speed allowing more effective cooling and longer life.

Also, VFDs are very susceptible to failure in poor power quality situations. Because the MagnaDrive ASD is a mechanical device, it can tolerate poor power quality with significantly fewer disruptions than a VFD.