Vibration breaks down the resiliency of seals and increases the temperature of bearings leading to critical failure. Up to 60% of machine vibrations are the result of shaft misalignment, 40% from unbalance and 20% due to system resonance.

MagnaDrive’s technology offers industry the best solution to damaging machine vibration.

The key to MagnaDrive’s vibration reduction is torque transmission across an air gap with no mechanical connection. At all times the air gap is 1/8th inch minimum.

Shaft alignment is a major factor in the cost of installation and maintenance. Typical shaft alignment tolerances are 0.002 or less requiring precision laser alignment. MagnaDrive’s products can tolerate .200 inch misalignment without any resulting vibration. Visual alignment is all that is required.

Because the motor and load shafts are not physically connected, drive system troubleshooting is greatly simplified. The drive system operates at a different speed than the driven equipment. Vibration does not transfer between the shafts. Therefore, it is simple to isolate drive system problems, often without sophisticated monitoring equipment and specialists.

The “disconnected” feature of MagnaDrive’s technology also offers cushioned start and stop capability. Starting and stopping the motor disconnected from the driven equipment and slowly engaging or disengaging the driven equipment reduces stresses and fatigue in the system, reduces inrush current at start-up and reduces motor winding heat. A cushioned start also reduces water hammer that causes piping system failures and resulting maintenance expenses.

Motor life is improved compared to installations with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). The motor operates near its synchronous speed, maximizing cooling efficiency. Overheated motor windings deteriorate electrical insulation resulting in premature failure. Additionally, VFD-generated electronic harmonics cause system problems and may overheat motor windings. VFDs often require inverter duty motors. MagnaDrive’s technology generates no electronic harmonics.