You can feel good about purchasing MagnaDrive products. Our commitment to energy savings and sustainability, paired with lower maintenance costs and reliability of our products means you can expect substantial savings when it comes to total cost of ownership

When compared to alternative drives or constant torque couplings, MagnaDrive products come out on top.

Substantial Energy Savings

Our alternative couplings and adjustable speed drives are almost completely efficient without using unnecessary energy from ancillary equipment. Additionally, our torque transfer solutions can be customized to your specific system, resulting in undeniable energy savings.

Increased Process System Reliability

Our breakthrough technology reduces vibration and provides top-tier shock load protection. MagnaDrive’s motors also run at their nameplate speed, while the fans are adjustable, allowing for more effective cooling and a longer life. You can depend on your MagnaDrive products to last — saving you replacement costs.

Lower Maintenance Cost for Motor, Seals and Bearings

MagnaDrive’s vibration reduction is due to torque transmission across an air gap — reducing traditional mechanical connection that would otherwise cause wear and tear. The simplified system troubleshooting process, and the cushioned start and stop capability drastically improves motor life and lowers your maintenance costs.

Reduced Operational Downtime

With state-of-the art technology and high-quality parts that work together for improved system reliability — we can guarantee reduced operational downtime when compared with traditional drives and couplings.

Long-Term Savings, Instant Satisfaction

In most cases, these benefits result in substantial savings to the customer. When MagnaDrive is the lowest initial cost of all available options, the low price along with the benefits listed above make MagnaDrive the clear choice. 

Depending on the application, there may be a chance that MagnaDrive products won’t represent the lowest initial cost. But once the total cost of ownership is evaluated, it’s clear — MagnaDrive is the better choice.

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