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City of Eugene

Situation The lateral forces of the belt drive on the gearbox shaft created an unbalanced load – this created a maintenance headache and cost the City approximately $10,000 per year in repairs. The Solution MagnaDrive proposed the installation of a MGD 18/250 coupling to replace the entire belt system. The proposal was accepted and the coupling installed.

DC Water & Sewer Authority

Read how MagnaDrive helped Poplar Point control the speed of a failed retention valve, which saved them from spending $80,000 dollars a month.

Fairfax County Water

Read more about the MagnaDrive success story with the company The Fairfax Water and the results achieved in pump station efficiency

Ponderay Newsprint

Read more about the results Ponderay NewsPrint obtained by installing MagnaDrive’s 18.5 ASD, which led to a 62% reduction in energy costs.

NW Forest Products

Read more about how MagnaDrive helped NW Forest Products reduce the vibration leves of the pump shafts by 70%.

Nippon Paper

Read more about how MagnaDrive was able to help Nippon Paper, a paper manufacturing company, save up to $32,000 per year in energy costs.

Minnesota Power

Minnesota Power was experiencing vibration problems on their air pre-heaters. Find out how MagnaDrive helped and the economic benefits.


Read more about how MagnaDrive helped NTPC, an Indian company engaged in the generation of electricity, to reduce energy costs to 15%

Beijing Yanshan

Learn how to implement a speed control on a fan saving energy, reducing speed and all the benefits of MagnaDrive’s 20.5 ASD.

University of Utah

Learn how MagnaDrive helped The University of Utah to reduce the vibration of their hot water pumps by installing a VTX-11 couplings.