Case Studies

City of San Antonio


The City of San Antonio Public Services was experiencing excess vibration in their conveyor drive system.  This caused accelerated wear and tear on the equipment.  The City was also concerned about hydraulic fluid spilling from the existing fluid coupling

The Solution

  • Install a MagnaDrive MGTL-18/300 Magnetic Coupling.
  • This coupling would replace the existing fluid coupling.

The Results

  • After installation of the MagnaDrive coupling system, vibration readings showed an 80% reduction horizontally and a 75% reduction vertically and axially.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Summary
    –Annual O&M costs for Fluid Coupling = $24,000
    –Annual O&M costs for MGTL Coupling = $3,800
    –Annual O&M savings per coupling = $20,200