Case Studies

Nippon Paper


  • The pumping system was designed to provide 7,000 GPM to the treatment process, yet the process only requires 4,800 GPM.
  • Multiple bypass and throttling valves were installed to control flow
  • The use of these valves resulted in the waste of energy
  • The pumps were required to start at full load from a dead stop.
  • This caused flow surges through the system’s piping; it also caused the pump motors to overheat

The Solution

  • MagnaDrive’s ASDs were chosen to replace the valves due to their rugged nature and price-competitiveness

The Results

  • Nippon Paper was able to maintain 4,800 GPM to the clarifier.
  • This resulting in 80 kW demand savings over the original valve-based system.
  • The Mill saves about $32,000 per year in energy savings alone (approx. 700,000 kWh).
  • The Mill also saves $15,000 per year in maintenance costs.

Case Study details
  • Nippon Paper Mill – Port Angeles WA