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Each pump was continuously drawing 136 kW, which was more than the motor’s rated power and pump brake horsepower at the design point.

The Solution

  • NTPC accepted the recommendations from MagnaDrive’s partner in India, AVJ Engineering, and placed an order for a MagnaDrive 17.0S FGC E-Max.

The Results

  • MagnaDrive estimated 10 to 15% in energy reduction and an operating capacity for the pumps closer to the design condition.
  • After the E-Max coupling was installed, energy use was reduced from 135.61 KW down to 113.54 KW, a savings of 22 KW (16% savings).
  • Vibration levels were decreased by 73%
Parameters System Units Before MagnaDrive E-Max After MagnaDrive E-Max
Vibration MNDE Mm/s Pk (H) 2.2

(V) 3.2

(A) 2.4

(H) 1.0

(V) 1.1

(A) 1.1

Vibration MDE Mm/s Pk (H) 4.8

(V) 4.4

(A)  -.-

(H) 2.1

(V) 1.2

(A)  -.-

Vibration PDE Mm/s Pk (H) 15

(V) 10

(A) n/a

(H) 5.6

(V) 4.8

(A)  -.-

Vibration PNDE Mm/s Pk (H) 5.0

(V) 5.8

(A) 4.0

(H) 2.3

(V) 4.0

(A) 3.0

Power Generation
Case Study PG-001

Case Study details
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) India