Condition Monitoring with MagnaDrive II: MagnaDrive and Drive & Coupling Solutions collaborated on an IIoT solution

In our last entry, we examined the role smart manufacturing tools (sensors, software, monitoring devices) allow today’s industrial products to create, measure and optimize potential outcomes. This can improve areas such as energy efficiency as well as energy costs. Today, we’ll examine a real-world application where IIoT solutions were put in place.

Drive & Coupling Solutions is located in the U.K. The company is a global player in the power transmission market specializing in transmissions and couplings. The organization has invested in R&D for 60+ years, giving customers advice and design services at competitive prices and delivery times.

Recently, the company worked with MagnaDrive on a monitoring system for magnet or copper couplings. If any customer was concerned about an overload or stall, the engineers offered a coupling monitoring system for additional protection.

Real-Time Coupling Data

The SensSlip Coupling Monitoring System is designed to operate with MagnaDrive magnetic couplings and standard fluid couplings to monitor input and output shaft speeds (rpm) and differential speed (% slip). The unit is also designed to identify potential hazardous circumstances such as % slip above a set limit and provides a fail-safe mechanism to switch the motor off, trigger warning lights or audible sirens.

Rotary speed is accurate to 2 d.p. Speeds can be presented in a variety of formats such as cycles/revolutions per minute (rpm), cycles/revolutions per second (Hz), or radians per second (rads). The unit has two opto-isolated outputs that can drive digital signals into any SCADA or asset management system. The operation of the outputs can be configured to occur on any desired circumstance via dials. The unit has a 240 volt 1 amp relay for driving a light or a buzzer. The unit requires a suitable 80-240 v 50 Hz alternating current supply in close proximity to the intended installation. The unit comes with two sensors and associated mounting apparatus as well as an 80 – 240 v AC 50 Hz power block. 

USB Input/Output

For connection of PC or PDA running Microsoft Windows application SENSSLIP SETUP allows adjustment and monitoring in several variables including switch-off slip, (the slippage value above which the unit will switch of the drive systems), fault slip time (the time period allowed for the presence of fault slip), dynamic slip (%) (real time slippage value), average slip(%) (average slip value over a user setable time period),drive speed, load speed and pulley ratio.

Meeting Industrial Demands

This monitoring system provides quantitative benefits to maintenance personnel as well as an extra security measure to reduce costs, eliminate breakdowns, and boost productivity. MagnaDrive remains committed to collaborating with organizations on IIoT solutions for their power transmission components. Learn more about the advantages of IIoT. 

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