Engineering Assessment: Consultation Service Provides Magnetic Coupling Options for Medical Manufacturer

Custom designs and prototypes continue to play a significant role in the mechanical power transmission market. As the applications continually evolve, MagnaDrive provides an in-depth, analysis, simulation, prototype, testing and consultation service to meet the changing demands of their customers.

The company recently worked with a large medical device manufacturer to examine the feasibility of contactless power transmission through a non-metallic barrier using Neodymium/Iron/Boron Rare Earth Magnets. The research would determine the best magnetic coupling technology for torque transmission to isolate the driver motor from the peristaltic pump (wet and dry sections) and prevent saline solution contamination in the motor. The torque transmission requirements were 3 in-lbs. at 12,000 max rpm.

The Finite Element Analysis included building a customized 3D SolidWorks magnetic coupling model, running Faraday Magnetics simulation to estimate magnetic torque and axial attraction force. They also needed to estimate the mass of the magnetic coupling, magnetic torque, and the magnetic attraction force. If the mass or attraction force was too much or the torque was not enough, they would need to modify or change the design.

For every manufacturing application, it is common to analyze and test a variety of potential components to determine what best fits the job requirements. In the case of this medical manufacturer, the following bearings were examined:

After the bearing investigation and numerous magnetic simulation results, it was strongly believed that a magnetic coupling customized for the specific application to protect the motor from being damaged by saline solution was a feasible option. 

The feasibility report determined final design and specification, such as mass of coupling, dimensions, magnet grade and shape, as well as the simulation result of estimated toque and axial attraction force. The report determined that a magnet-to-magnet coupling would result in zero slip and zero heat dissipation.

The Idea Lab

MagnaDrive engineers and machine designers generate unique solutions to problems using permanent magnets. They rigorously simulate and test ideas both in theory and in real world function regarding stress and frequency analysis/simulation, flow simulation, and magnetic simulation.

Using 3D SolidWorks drawings and magnetic simulation software, they go on to create fully functional prototypes. Based on the customer’s projected goals, they deliver analysis, testing and feasibility study reports to precise drawing sets to fully developed and tested prototypes.

MagnaDrive offers a fully instrumented, test lab with a 470 kW dynamometer, torque, temperature, and speed sensors, vibration and critical frequency mapping. Contact MagnaDrive directly to learn more about its consulting services or to get started on a new project.

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