How Minnesota Power Reduced Vibration with the MagnaDrive MGTL Couplings

The data now shows that magnetic couplings are helping companies save thousands of dollars per year on machine maintenance. Our team at MagnaDrive have helped many companies to capitalize on the benefits that magnetic couplings can bring to their plant. In this latest post, we’ll offer an overview of our recent work with the team at Minnesota Power.

The challenge

The challenge that Minnesota Power was facing is that they were experiencing problems related to vibration within their air preheaters. In an effort to resolve the issue, the company employed three maintenance technicians to complete re-greasing work over a period of three days. The reduction in vibration achieved by following this process only lasted the company a couple of weeks at best. And then the vibration would return, leading to a persistent mechanical challenge.

The solution

Minnesota Power turned to MagnaDrive for a clear solution to this ongoing vibration issue. MagnaDrive offered their MGTL Couplings as a solution because these products have no physical contact between the motor and its load, which means that the vibration transferred between the two components could be significantly reduced. Minnesota Power tried the solution over a long-term period and has achieved exceptional results in working with MagnaDrive MGTL Couplings.

The results

Prior to the integration of the MagnaDrive MGTL Couplings, Minnesota Power was spending an average of nine days per year per air preheater on repairs and maintenance caused by vibration-related misalignment. The non-energy operating cost for the air pre-heaters was $21,600 annually. The increased energy efficiency of the MagnaDrive MGTL couplings allowed Minnesota Power to pay back its increased investment in the product within 6 months of purchase. And they have realized significant savings from the reduced downtime associated with reducing vibration levels by 80% through the installation process.

It’s an example of the potential provided through the swift integration of magnetic couplings within the modern plant. In addition to Minnesota Power, we’ve worked with many other companies who are experiencing similarly transformative results using new coupling products. Our team at MagnaDrive can help guide you on the range of coupling options for your facility. To learn more about the strides we’re taking across the marketplace, call today.


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