How Our Adjustable Speed Drive Helped Yanshan Petrochemical Save on Energy

Our team at MagnaDrive designs adjustable speed drive systems to help companies across the industrial marketplace reduce overspending on energy costs. Many firms now deploy fans within their cooling towers that are designed to work to the highest capacity around the clock, even if this level of critical performance isn’t required 24/7. This leads to both wasted energy and wasted spending on energy. It was the position Yanshan Petrochemical Company found themselves in and within this latest post, we’ll explore our working project.

The Problem

The issue that Yanshan Petrochemical Company was experiencing involved several of their cooling towers, which had fans designed to run at full speed. The full speed performance was solely designed for summer conditions in which there was high humidity. But the fans were running at this high level throughout the year, leading to a significant amount of wasted energy. This had caused the company to lose value, both due to the competitive nature of the industry and the national-level policy of energy reduction across China.

The Solution

Yanshan opted for the MagnaDrive adjustable speed drive as the solution to their energy waste challenges. Our supplier in China replaced the couplings between the company’s fan and the motor with a MagnaDrive 20.5 ASD. The ASD was connected to the cooling tower process control system to manage energy allocation.

The Result

The primary benefit from the installation of the 20.5 ASD was an immediate and continuing improvement in energy use. The company saved 311,000 Yuan per fan annually. In addition to their energy savings, Yanshan Petrochemical Company also reduced machine vibration as they reduced the speed of their fans, helping minimize maintenance costs across the facility. Noise was also reduced as the fans were no longer working to full-speed around the clock.

In analyzing how they were allocating energy resources, and reviewing the causes behind facility spending, Yanshan Petrochemical Company was able to save a significant amount of money and support their environmental initiatives for the years ahead. It’s why many are now considering the impact that an adjustable speed drive can have within their industrial operations. To discover more about the latest systems and their applications, call our team at MagnaDrive today.


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