MagnaDrive China-Jul 2008

MagnaDrive Technology Expands, Heads East

SEATTLE, Washington, 7/1/2008 – With rising energy costs, availability concerns, and
environmental awareness, using less power has become more desirable. In China,
however, saving energy is a top priority. It is vital to keeping some of the world’s largest
population centers running smoothly. Now, a Northwest company is helping the biggest
country in the world lower energy costs and keep the lights on.

One of China’s large power plants is now installing MagnaDrive technology to
accomplish power savings and process control. In the process, MagnaDrive Corporation
has been able to embark on an expanded product line, creating the largest drives in the
ten year history of the company.

The first 4,000 horsepower, water-cooled, MagnaDrive Adjustable Speed Drives left
Bellevue, Washington this spring on a trip across the Pacific. Six of these units will be
up and running in the Chinese power plant by the end of this year. MagnaDrive’s
Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) units will be installed on the plant’s large combustion
fans, which are critical to the operation of the entire plant.

How MagnaDrive Technology can Help a Chinese Power Plant

The ASD consists of two independent components that have no physical contact.
Magnets on one side and a copper conductor on the other create a magnetic field that
transmits torque across the air gap between the motor and the load it’s pushing. Varying
the width of the air gap changes the amount of torque transmitted, making it continuously
adjustable. This allows precise and efficient speed control for optimum performance, as
well as substantial energy savings by drawing only the precise power from the motor
required for the needed speed. This is especially helpful in a power plant which must
respond to different power demands throughout the day. In addition to power savings,
MagnaDrive technology also cuts down on wear and tear to the system because the parts
are not physically connected.

The use of MagnaDrive technology in a power plant of this size shows the trust that has
been built into MagnaDrive products, since the drives keep machinery vital to plant
operations running.

“China’s energy saving priorities are set, and we are glad we’re a part of helping them
achieve their energy reduction goals,” said MagnaDrive President and CEO Alex
Deriugin, “We foresee a big demand in this market and are exploring many more
opportunities in addition to the existing installations in China that offer our product’s
efficiency, reliability, and low cost of maintenance and operations.”

About MagnaDrive

MagnaDrive Corporation was founded in 1999 and is based out of Bellevue, WA. The
company’s breakthrough magnetic technology provides a cost-effective “green” solution
to increase reliability and lower maintenance expense while achieving energy savings and
process control. MagnaDrive serves many markets, including power generation, mining,
oil and gas, maritime, the U.S. Navy, water and wastewater, HVAC, and general
manufacturing. The impact and potential of this magnetic, world-wide patented
technology was recognized by Industry Week magazine, which selected MagnaDrive as
Technology of the Year in 2001. MagnaDrive was selected by Inc. Magazine as one of
the 500 fastest growing private companies in the United States. Recently, Deloitte named
MagnaDrive one of the 100 fastest growing technology companies in North America.
MagnaDrive offers a family of products to accomplish a broad range of operating
objectives: Reliability, Speed Control, Torque Management, Cushioned Start, Vibration
Control and Misalignment Tolerance.

Contact: Eric Rothberg
(425) 463-4744


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