MagnaDrive Couplings help Production Equipment for Immunization Efforts

This is another Success Story of the Top Components and MagnaDrive team with their customers.

A company in São Paulo, Brazil selected and acquired MagnaDrive magnetic couplings for installation in their pumps the vaccine production process, with the aim of minimizing problems in critical equipment on the production line and increasing productivity.


The São Paulo institute located in the Butantan area, has several centrifugal pumps in its manufacturing park, which provide water for its production process. However, the maintenance team faced frequent problems with the couplings that were used. Because of these problems, the supply of cold water was being disrupted.

The couplings that were used in the pumps had issues such as:

  • Sudden failures
  • Breaks in the rubber elements of the couplings
  • Misalignment between the shafts which caused excessive vibration.
  • Constant breaks and replacements of shafts and other pump components.

These sudden failures in the coupling elements, in addition to causing the unavailability of the icy water system, in addition reduced bearing life of both motors and pumps. Premature failures in mechanical seals led to frequent maintenance. All this generated several disorders and large losses in production.

Proposal/ Solution

Seeking to improve the conditions of their production equipment. Discussions and technical demonstrations led to an informed customer decision.

Soon after, there was a request and analysis of documents so the company’s maintenance team could verify that everything was within the technical standards required by the quality certification bodies.

After the service visit and suggestion given by the TOP Components specialist, the company’s maintenance team chose MagnaDrive Magnetic Couplings in place of elastic couplings.

The customer chose to use the MagnaDrive Magnetic Coupling model VTX on their pump application.

Actual results obtained by the company with the replacement of couplings:

  • Decreased maintenance
  • More precise alignment
  • Smoother start
  • Reduction of vibrations between the axes
  • Increased service life of mechanical equipment and seals
  • Increased availability of pumps
  • Continuous water supply at the correct temperature.


Pumping cold water in this process is extremely important because it maintains the ideal temperature for cooling vaccine production components.

Therefore, the application of MagnaDrive Magnetic Couplings has ensured this company has uninterrupted equipment performance, greater reliability and gains in production.

Customer Reviews:

We were very pleased with the results obtained with the installation of magnetic couplings in the vaccine production equipment. In February 2021, we made two applications that are performing to perfect function. Now, we are acquiring three more couplings fore replacement in other pumps, converting all the couplings used in our manufacturing line.”

– General Manager Responsible for Maintenance and Production of the Institute –

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