MagnaDrive Introduces ATEX-rated MagZone, for Mission Critical Equipment

The MagZone 200 – 700 Series, ATEX Rating Zone 2, is suited for applications ranging from 10 to 1,500 HP in an explosive atmosphere. It harnesses the power of a no-contact, magnet-to-magnet synchronous connection. Compact and tough, the interior sequence of this patented design uses Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets—the strongest permanent magnets in the world. The MagZone Series maximizes torque while eliminating any magnetic slip, resulting in consistent performance for vital equipment, with zero rpm’s lost.


The MagZone is ideal for industrial, wastewater, and oil and gas applications where misalignments, load seizures, pulsating loads, thermal expansion, and shock loading can occur. In addition, it’s suitable for the tight space constraints found in these and other applications.


MagZone is a Special version of Synchra Coupling (Magnet to Magnet Non-Slip Coupling) for an explosive environment, ATEX Zone 2. It offers no physical connection between motor and load and up to 80 percent vibration reduction. It has ¼” misalignment tolerance, synchronous rpm transfer (no rpm slip) and safe, reliable over torque protection of critical equipment. MagZone’s special feature is not generating any heat, not only during normal operation but also during overloaded condition. Additional highlights include:  


  • Automatic Re-Set 
  • Compact Design 
  • No Maintenance Required 
  • Eliminates Vibration Transfer Between Motor and Load 
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Accepts Significant Misalignment 
  • Simple Installation & Operation 
  • Increases Seal & Bearing Life


The ATEX Zone 2 MagZone Series extends its torque rating from the MagZone 200 (100 ft-lb. torque, 3,600 motor rpm limit, 25 hp @ 1,800 rpm/50 hp @ 3,600 rpm) all the way to the MagZone 700 (6,900 ft-lb. torque, 1,800 motor rpm limit, 1,500 hp @ 1,800 rpm). The ATEX Zone 1 will come soon.


A major global oil and gas company is currently using the MagZone Series on high speed processing pumps. Please contact the MagnaDrive engineering team to learn how the MagZone can benefit your industrial, wastewater or oil and gas application.


MagnaDrive couplings and adjustable speed drives transfer torque across an air gap, eliminating the physical connection between motor and load. Friction-free power transfer reduces harmful vibration, increases misalignment tolerance, minimizes wear and tear on equipment, and increases motor and equipment life, creating a lower total cost of ownership than standard couplings and a lifetime of unwavering performance. Learn more about our products.

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