Magnetic Analysis, Simulation, Prototype and Testing & Consulting

Do you have a specific process problem to solve, or an idea that requires further research and development? Our experienced, highly-trained team is ready to consult with you about custom designs and prototypes in industrial power-transmission applications.

New Product Innovation

New product innovation includes in-depth research, analysis and development. MagnaDrive engineers and machine designers generate unique solutions to problems using permanent magnets. 

We rigorously simulate and test ideas both in theory and in real world function with:

  • Stress & frequency analysis and simulation
  • Flow simulation
  • Magnetic simulation

The Process

We bring ideas to life using 3D SolidWorks drawings and the foremost magnetic simulation software available. Once we have vetted an idea with computer simulation we create fully functional prototypes. 

Based on your project goals, you can expect to see deliverables ranging from analysis, testing and feasibility study reports to precise drawing sets to fully developed and tested prototypes.

We have a fully-instrumented test lab with a 470kW dynamometer, torque, temperature, and speed sensors, vibration and critical frequency mapping.

Leader in Torque Transfer

MagnaDrive is the world leader in permanent magnet torque transfer and the use of ultra-powerful permanent magnets to improve industrial processes. We love a good challenge and welcome opportunities to innovate and generate new magnetic technology for our customers. 

Contact us today to learn more about our consulting services or to get started on a new project.