Magnetic Clutch Offers Variety of Benefits for Belt Conveyor Application

MagnaDrive’s Magnetic Clutch (MC) offers a soft start solution for high inertial loads. The MC uses magnetic induction to transfer torque without a physical connection between your motor and driven components. This allows for a motor to be started without experiencing any load.

MagnaDrive has installed its Magnetic Clutch on a coal belt conveyor line in Inner Mongolia, moving large volumes of coal across long distances.  Conveyor systems are typically used to transfer material via wheels, rollers or belts. They may be powered in a variety of ways including by motor or by gravity depending on the material that is being transported across the conveyor. Belt conveyors offer low power consumption, minimum maintenance, and low installation costs.

With the installation of a Magnetic Clutch to the conveyor benefits include overload protection by using an external speed monitoring system for complete load disengagement to provide motor protection and prevent equipment damage. This reduces downtime from worn out components. High reliability presents low operating cost with minimum maintenance and no harmonic distortion. No contact vibration isolation prevents vibration transfer between equipment. High misalignment tolerance simplifies installation and allows for both retrofit and new applications.

The two principle components of the MC are the conductor rotor and magnet rotor assemblies. The air gap between the rotors can be adjusted during start up using low voltage actuation. This provides reduced motor amperage at start up and a smooth load start. Four actuation motors allow for precise hydraulic control using 4-20mA or 0-5V actuation. The application range includes power rating between 100 – 2,000 hp (75 – 1,500 KW) and a speed rating of 0 -1,800 r/min.

MagnaDrive’s MC offers energy savings, reliability, reduced maintenance and operating costs through a unique permanent magnet soft start solution. Learn more at


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