Motor Couplings Solve Problems Other Couplings Cannot

Not every design calls for a MagnaDrive motor coupling – but you will know when yours does.

MagnaDrive products use a proprietary and patented magnetic process for torque transfer, centered around our own high-power Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. They are mounted on either side of the motor shaft, with an air gap in between. By varying the size of the gap, changes in the strength of the magnetic field can be used to control the output speed. This touchless design can eradicate vibration and other engineering issues that are causing your motor designs to fail.

Three Situations Where MagnaDrive Magnetic Couplings Will Solve Your Engineering Challenges:-

  1. Drive failure problems you can’t track down.
  2. Issues with the design cause too many power spikes.
  3. Reducing power usage

Our products are designed to fit the widest possible range of motor designs, with options for engines as small as 3HP or as large as 4,000HP. Our magnets are specifically designed for maximum power transfer and are effectively eternal – their half-life is over 2,000 years.

If you are facing physical engineering challenges in your engine design and nothing seems to fix it, MagnaDrive couplings may be the answer. Contact us directly for a consultation

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