MagnaDrive’s patented technology uses high power Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets to create an induced magnetic force used for torque transfer.

The system physically separates the two elements of the motor system, placing magnet discs on the load shaft and a conductor assembly on the motor shaft. Motor torque is transferred to the load across an air gap. Varying the air gap between the magnets and conductor changes the strength of the magnetic field and hence controls output speed. A portfolio of 20 domestic and more than 200 foreign patents protects MagnaDrive’s technology. Some of the features and benefits of this technology include:

  • No-contact power transfer – Eliminates vibration, reduces noise, tolerates misalignment, provides overload protection, extends motor and equipment life and reduces overall maintenance costs.
  • Energy efficiency – Up to 70% audited energy savings in various installations.
  • Precise process control – Improves product quality and optimizes process rates.
  • Soft start/stop – Reduces the motor’s start-up power demands and the resulting brown-outs, alleviates paying for peak power, allows downsizing of motors, increases motor life and reduces maintenance.
  • Simplicity and ruggedness – System can be maintained in-house and used in harsh conditions.

About the Magnets

Rare earth permanent magnets are an important part of our everyday lives, serving as essential components in everything from electric motors, computers, production equipment and automobiles. The magnets are made of a combination of Neodymium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB). Rare earth technology is the most recent addition to the family of high performance permanent magnets and became commercially available in the 1980’s. NdFeB magnets have the highest energy product of all permanent magnets, permitting the small size and high torque transmission capability of MagnaDrive products. NdFeB magnets retain their performance in environments up to 350 Deg. F., and have a half-life of over 2,000 years.