University of Utah

Situation The University of Utah’s steam plant experienced extreme vibration on their hot water pumps. Technicians had to replace bearings and seals on each pump an average of twice per year. The Solution MagnaDrive’s approached the University with a proposal to install VTX-11 couplings on the hot water pumps. The intent was to eliminate the need to

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Situation The Grand Hyatt experienced a number of complaints that water pressure on the upper floors (during periods of high occupancy) was insufficient. The Solution The Grand Hyatt decided to install MagnaDrive’s 10.5 ASDs in order to regulate water pressure and flow so that it could be tailored to occupancy levels and guest demand The

Fort Wainwright

Situation Severe misalignment of rigid couplings caused the Army to replace these couplings up to 4 times per year on each of their pumps. The Solution The Army decided to install MagnaDrive VTX couplings to not only solve their vibration issues, but also hoped to save energy by allowing the VTX couplings to slip. The Results The