Power Generation

Minnesota Power

Situation Minnesota Power was experiencing vibration problems on their air pre-heaters. Minnesota Power began re-greasing each coupling during their outages to try to reduce this vibration.  Each re-greasing was only effective in reducing vibration for two weeks; each re-greasing tied up 3 maintenance personnel for an entire day. The Solution Minnesota Power replaced their rigid


Situation Each pump was continuously drawing 136 kW, which was more than the motor’s rated power and pump brake horsepower at the design point. The Solution NTPC accepted the recommendations from MagnaDrive’s partner in India, AVJ Engineering, and placed an order for a MagnaDrive 17.0S FGC E-Max. The Results MagnaDrive estimated 10 to 15% in

City of San Antonio

Situation The City of San Antonio Public Services was experiencing excess vibration in their conveyor drive system.  This caused accelerated wear and tear on the equipment.  The City was also concerned about hydraulic fluid spilling from the existing fluid coupling The Solution Install a MagnaDrive MGTL-18/300 Magnetic Coupling. This coupling would replace the existing fluid