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Situation Only the de-inking portion of the process (approx. 12 minutes per hour) required full system flow of 3,200 GPM. Without speed control, however, the mill ran their pumps at full capacity all the time, which is extremely inefficient. The Solution In order to reduce the pump speed (while maintaining a required 50 PSI line pressure),

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Situation The customer was forced to replace each condensate pump multiple times per year due to extremely high vibration caused by thermal expansion of the pump shafts. The Solution MagnaDrive proposed the installation of VTX-11 couplings as replacements for the existing rigid couplings. Removal of the old couplings and installation of the VTX-11 took less

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Situation The pumping system was designed to provide 7,000 GPM to the treatment process, yet the process only requires 4,800 GPM. Multiple bypass and throttling valves were installed to control flow The use of these valves resulted in the waste of energy The pumps were required to start at full load from a dead stop.