Water & Wastewater

City of Eugene

Situation The lateral forces of the belt drive on the gearbox shaft created an unbalanced load – this created a maintenance headache and cost the City approximately $10,000 per year in repairs. The Solution MagnaDrive proposed the installation of a MGD 18/250 coupling to replace the entire belt system. The proposal was accepted and the coupling installed.

DC Water & Sewer Authority

Situation When a pump check valve failed, the resulting reverse flow back into the pump caused the pump shaft to break. Poplar Point rented different pumps to try to solve the situation (at $80,000 per month) The Solution MagnaDrive’s Maryland/Washington D.C. partner, Das Solutions, proposed installing two (2) 26.5 Vertical ASDs with non-reverse clutches to prevent the pump shaft from

Fairfax County Water

Situation With an oversized motor and only a control valve to control flow, the County wanted finer pump control through either a VFD or a MagnaDrive ASD (allowing them to adapt the pumping system as needed to demand).  As this is a 2300V application, the VFD was quoted at $100,000, a figure at which the County balked.