MagnaDrive’s technology saves energy by reducing system inefficiencies. For instance, MagnaDrive Couplings have demonstrated vibration reductions in excess of 80%. This reduced vibration results in less “wasted” energy.

In centrifugal equipment such as pumps, fans and blowers, energy savings with the MagnaDrive Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) result from slowing the rotational speed of the equipment rather than using flow restriction devices such as control valves, dampers or bypass systems.

An example of the inefficiency associated with flow restriction devices is the use of a car’s brake to slow a vehicle down to 60 mph while the accelerator is pressed to 90 mph. Obviously, much more energy is used in this example than if you set the accelerator directly to 60 mph. In addition, the vibration from constantly applying the brake leads to significant wear and tear on the vehicle.

Research funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy demonstrated that MagnaDrive’s products reduce energy usage by up to 70%. Following are examples of the energy savings achieved in various MagnaDrive ASD installations.

Nippon Paper

  • Pulp and paper industry application in Port Angeles, WA.
  • Two 100 HP, 1200 RPM motors and pumps.
  • MagnaDrive ASDs provide process control and estimated annual energy savings of 700,000 kWh/year.

Washington Mutual Tower

  • Office building HVAC system in Seattle, WA.
  • 75 HP, 1800 RPM motor running a condenser pump, and 125 HP, 1800 RPM motor running a chilled water pump.
  • MagnaDrive ASDs eliminated energy-wasting pressure control valves, reducing energy demand by up to 66% on the condenser, and 31% on the chiller.
  • In Seattle’s cool climate, this system is only operated 8 hours per day approximately 100 days per year for a savings of 36,000 kWh/year. A continuously operating system could save nearly 400,000 kWh/year.

Ponderay Newsprint

  • Pulp and paper industry application in Usk, WA.
  • 250 HP, 1800 RPM motor running a centrifugal pump.
  • Ponderay chose MagnaDrive ASD for its extremely low equipment and installation cost relative to a VFD in this 2300 volt system. The ASD eliminated the energy wasting bypass valve with estimated energy savings of over 630,000 kWh/year.

Hutterian Brethren

  • Irrigation application in Warden, WA.
  • 200 HP, 1800 RPM motor running a centrifugal pump.
  • MagnaDrive ASD has facilitated the ability to optimize pressure in the system, allowing a switch to low pressure sprinkler irrigation which saves energy.
  • Reduced water consumption by 35%, and increased crop production.

Oxnard Wastewater

  • Wastewater treatment plant in Oxnard, CA.
  • 50 HP, 885 RPM motor running a centrifugal pump.
  • MagnaDrive ASD replaced a VFD in this application, and is providing equivalent process control and energy savings without the harmonics and noise present in the VFD operation. Energy savings estimated at 200,000 kWh/year.

Golden Valley Electric

  • Power generation application in Healy, AK.
  • 300 HP, 1800, 2340 volt motor connected to a large fan system.
  • Two MagnaDrive ASDs in the system cut start-up inrush dramatically, eliminating plant-wide brownouts.
  • Energy savings estimated at 400,000 kWh/year.
  • Additional benefits include lower vibration which reduces maintenance costs, and no harmonic distortion.

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