Oil & Gas

Beijing Yanshan

Situation The fan was running at full speed continuously, regardless of conditions. Beijing Yanshan decided to implement speed control to avoid wasting energy. The Solution The Company investigated several speed control technologies (including VFDs and Eddy Current Drives) before settling on MagnaDrive’s 20.5 ASD The Results The primary benefit that Beijing Yanshan expected was energy savings through

Magna Drive solutions at Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation

Situation Because the oil tanker’s structure flexes while at sea, misalignment between the pump and its motor caused accelerated wear on the bearings and mechanical seals. This also caused vibration-related problems on the pump end. The Solution MagnaDrive installed a VTX-07 coupling on the oil transfer pump while the Vega Voyager was in port for

Exxon Mobil

Situation The left-over tar and coke from the petroleum extraction process are pumped to holding tanks. Due to the design of Exxon’s system, it is possible for the pumps to run dry when not enough tar is present in the strainer. This causes major damage to the impeller and pump casing.  There is a discharge valve to