Case Studies

City of Eugene


The lateral forces of the belt drive on the gearbox shaft created an unbalanced load – this created a maintenance headache and cost the City approximately $10,000 per year in repairs.

The Solution

  • MagnaDrive proposed the installation of a MGD 18/250 coupling to replace the entire belt system. The proposal was accepted and the coupling installed.

The Results

  • The City completely eliminated the $10,000 maintenance costs related to the belt system.
  • In addition, the City also realized 35% ($34,800) energy savings as energy was no longer being wasted as part of the belt loading.
  • The City’s project engineer, Gregory Watkins, later said that “…when we looked at the total cost of ownership over the life of the system, it was definitely the right decision.”
Case Study details
  • City of Eugene Wastewater Treatment Facility – Eugene, OR