Case Studies

Fort Wainwright


Severe misalignment of rigid couplings caused the Army to replace these couplings up to 4 times per year on each of their pumps.

The Solution

  • The Army decided to install MagnaDrive VTX couplings to not only solve their vibration issues, but also hoped to save energy by allowing the VTX couplings to slip.

The Results

  • The Army decreased measured vibration levels by up to 60%.
  • However, they were even more impressed with the energy savings – power draw measured only 2.6 kW with the VTX couplings, while it measured 3.3 kW with the rigid couplings.
  • In the end, the Army saved almost $900 (per pump) each year on energy savings alone.


Adjustable Speed Drive and magnetic coupling solutions from MagnaDrive are ideal for a wide range of applications.