Counter The New Market Challenges (The Oil Price War And The Corona Virus)

According to CNN, U.S. crude oil plunged to $31 a barrel on Thursday after further travel restrictions were put in place with Europe in the hopes of containing the coronavirus. This downward trend has continued since last week when Saudi Arabia launched a price war following the OPEC+ meeting.

Facing a variety of financial, environmental and health challenges, global industrial companies will be forced to change strategies in the months ahead.

During this time, MagnaDrive will be offering a financial offer—in light of recent economic events—where qualified customers only need to pay 20% upfront to use MagnaDrive products.

Facing the coronavirus and the oil price war, many companies will survive by lowering costs and improving efficiency. MagnaDrive products are designed to reduce operating costs and improve system reliability. Customers that utilize these products can expect an energy savings over 70 percent.


Here’s a quick overview of some of MagnaDrives products:  

Synchra Series

The Synchra Series offers the power of a no-contact, magnet-to-magnet synchronous connection. Compact and tough, the interior sequence of this patented design uses Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets—the strongest permanent magnets in the world. The Synchra Series maximizes torque while eliminating any magnetic slip, resulting in consistent performance for vital equipment, with zero RPM’s lost.

Fixed Speed Couplings

The MagnaDrive coupling product line is targeted at constant speed applications for 2 to 4,000 horsepower motors with speeds up to 3,600 rpm. MagnaDrive Couplings incorporate an air gap to isolate the motor from the load. Three product families include fix gap couplings, MagnaGuard delay start couplings and MagnaGuard torque limiting couplings.

Adjustable Speed Drive

The MagnaDrive ASD is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 4,000 hp and speeds up to 3,600 rpm. Lower maintenance and operating costs are a result of transferring torque from motors to driven equipment across an air gap without shaft-to-shaft physical connection. This “disconnected connection” provides reduced vibration that can increase bearing and seal life.


Please contact MagnaDrive and ask how we can help provide an economic and cost-effective industrial solution through our diverse range of energy-saving products.

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