Magnetic Performance in the Electric Power System

Ventilating, coal conveying, powdering, dust and ash extraction, desulfuration, and steam turbine systems are all processes utilized in the electric power industry. Here, engineers troubleshoot fans, conveyor belts, coal feeders and a variety of different pumps to ensure production runs smoothly. When it doesn’t, these organizations reach out to suppliers that can offer equipment upgrades and energy efficient products.

The Tianji Power Station featured a vertical-style condensate pump that was having vibration issues. System vibration was causing the  bearings to wear out faster which led to frequent maintenance and equipment breakdowns. The valve handled different load conditions that wasted energy. MagnaDrive offered a solution in 2009 with the installation of a WV2500 (2,000 kW, 140r/min) ASD. This equipment achieved significant energy savings under low load condition (360 MW) and (580 MW) when the load is high. A separate condensate pump and motor isolated the vibration, reduced bearing abrasion, and ultimately extended equipment life.

Zhongdian Liaoning Qinghe Power Generation utilized hydraulic coupling power transmission in a hot web-circulating pump. After two years, the hydraulic coupling had severe oil leaking issues causing increased maintenance. MagnaDrive offered a WH1500 and WH2500 ASD in 2015 to alleviate the maintenance costs. The equipment rendered a 42 percent energy savings, 30 percent less vibration and reduced both maintenance work and costs.

A pressure fan at Guizhou Wengfu Group Tianfu Chemical (a thermal power plant) caused significant vibration. Adjusting the fan damper according to different processes seemed to waste energy. The installation of a WH100 ASD (710 kW, 1,485r/min) in 2014 resulted in a 25 percent energy savings, 50 percent less vibration and reduced both maintenance work and costs.

A slurry pump application at Jilin Power was only able to run at full-speed due to the concentration of sulphur dioxide. This wasted a great deal of energy. MagnaDrive installed a WH1000 ASD (900 kW, 1,480r/min) in 2014. This new equipment reduced maintenance costs, adjusted the speed according to the sulphur dioxide concentration and established an energy savings of 25 percent. The vibration was also reduced by 30 percent, an added benefit of the upgraded equipment.

A coal belt conveyor at the National Electrics Nine River Power Plant was having maintenance and operation issues. This resulted in high repair costs and frequent equipment breakdowns. The installation of a MGD22/600 (2*200 kW, 1,480r/min) offered a stable and efficient solution. The new equipment provided overload protection, torque balancing and low modification costs. This install has been running repair free since 2010.

An air heater at the Xuancheng Power Plant featured a main motor and gearbox connected by hydraulic couplings. Due to the high torque and current, there were significant repair and maintenance issues as well as system vibration. MagnaDrive’s custom designed PM was installed in 2015. The air gap can now be adjusted between 3-80 mm. The motor can start with no load, reducing the starting current. Now, the main motor and secondary motor can be switched freely. The engineer can control it manually or automatically. This reduces system vibration, extends bearing life and seal life and has resulted in little to no maintenance.

In the next blog installment, we’ll examine the installation of MagnaDrive water-cooled adjustable speed drives in the metallurgical industry.

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