Solve your high vibration problems with MagnaDrives new Synchra magnet to magnet non-slip couplings

SYNCHRA is targeted primarily for maintenance intensive applications and includes high speed rotating equipment. The SYNCHRA is a magnet to magnet high performance non-slip and non-contact magnetic coupling. The highest power to size ratio of all of MagnaDrive’s product offerings, it is designed for up to 1500 HP applications. SYNCHRA introduces many benefits versus other magnetic couplings available in the industry such as:

  • Applications up to 1500 HP @ 1800 RPM
  • Zero Slip – 100% speed transfer
  • Non-contact power transfer
  • Extremely Efficient Torque Transfer
  • High Tolerance of Misalignment
  • Cushioned Start
  • Eliminate Vibration Transfer Between Motor and Load
  • Reduced Rotating Equipment Maintenance & Operation Costs
  • Increased Pump Seal & Bearing Life

And it is the ideal solution for applications subject to:

  • Over torque
  • High Speed
  • Shaft Thermal Expansion
  • Pulsating Loads
  • Periodic Overloading
  • Shock Loading
  • Tight Space Constraints

Test drive our new Synchra at or contact MagnaDrive or one of its many distributor partners for assistance.

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