A Case Study on the City of Antonio’s Use of the MagnaDrive Magnetic Couplings

In large conveyor drive systems, vibration can be transferred from the couplings to the unit directly. This vibration can lead to excessive wear, which was a problem recently experienced by the City of Antonio while operating a conveyor drive as part of their public services equipment. In this latest post, we’ll examine the issue in detail and explain how MagnaDrive responded to the issue.

The Problem

The issue that the City of Antonio’s public services team was facing was that their conveyor drive unit was experiencing excessive vibration in the vertical, horizontal, and axial directions. The problem was due to the difficulty in aligning the hydraulic couplings with the rest of the system, limiting the level of balance achieved. The high levels of vibration were causing wear and tear on the conveyor drive and its connected components and led to the need for comprehensive maintenance on a regular basis. A further concern was the potential for hydraulic fluid contaminating the local environment each time maintenance was completed on the unit.

The Solution

The team at MagnaDrive presented the City staff with the MGTL18/300 Magnetic Couplings to connect the system’s 300HP/1800RPM motor to the conveyor gearbox. The goal was to reduce vibration while retaining energy efficiency and performance.

The Results

The results achieved showed that the MagnaDrive coupling system helped reduce system vibration by 80% horizontally and 75% vertically and axially. Another benefit of the system was that it reduced the need for precision alignment while also eliminating the risk of hydraulic fluid contaminating the environment. The City experienced reduced downtime and as a result was able to pay back their investment in the updated couplings within 6 months of installation.

Our experienced team at MagnaDrive can help guide organizations in reviewing the available coupling options on the marketplace. To learn more about our past projects, please call us today.

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