Chevron Pump Vibration Resolved Through MagnaDrive Coupling Systems

Companies across the globe experience vibration within their pumps due to high-speed performance and coupling products not being rated for high speeds. The challenge is maintaining high-speed productivity while reducing vibration and eliminating wear on pump seals. It’s the challenge that the team at Chevron faced and one that was addressed by the team at MagnaDrive. Within this latest post, we’ll explore MagnaDrive’s project with Chevron.

The problem

Chevron Corporation runs a fleet of 20 oil tankers to transfer oil to countries around the world. They were facing a problem with one of their Australia-based oil tankers, which was designed for flexibility at sea. Because of the way in which the flexing occurred, a misalignment between the pump and the motors was developing. This was causing the wear of the mechanical sealing between the two components and thereby shortening the seal life.

The solution

Chevron turned to MagnaDrive for a solution this coupling issue. The solution devised by MagnaDrive involved the MagnaDrive MGE-07 coupling, which was installed while the Australian-based tanker was in the port. The coupling’s performance was then examined while the tanker operated from the port to ensure optimal pump operation.

The results

The data show that Chevron achieved a 75% reduction in vibration through the use of the MagnaDrive MGE-07. The crew of the ship also noticed a significant reduction in noise as a result of the coupling product, thereby improving working comfort and productivity. Chevron had estimated that, prior to the installation of the coupling, they were replacing the system’s mechanical seals at least twice per year. The company was now saving the cost of replacing the seals, as well as the cost of the downtime associated with seal replacement.

Due to the significant ROI, Chevron was able to achieve with the installation of the MagnaDrive MGE-07, they decided to install MGE couplings in each tanker within their single hull fleet. Chevron and MagnaDrive are also now working together on other disconnected technology projects that could potentially have similar economic value for the future.


It’s an example of how MagnaDrive couplings are driving long-term returns for even the largest companies around the globe. To discover more about our products and their performance, please call today and book a consultation.


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