MagnaDrive Technology Helps NTPC Save On Energy

Companies throughout the industrial marketplace are now experiencing the damage caused by vibrations between the couplings and their connected equipment. The vibration limits system efficiency and enhances the need for equipment maintenance over the long-term. Our team at MagnaDrive has great experience resolving vibration-related coupling issues and our recent case study involving our work with National Thermal Power Corporation highlights our expertise.

The Problem

The problem that NTPC was facing involved the three circulating water pumps within their facility. Out of these three pumps, two were operating in parallel and one on standby. The two pumps were each drawing 136KW, over the installed motor rating and more than the maximum braking power of the system. The over-capacity condition led to the older coupling connecting the equipment vibrating significantly during operation. This vibration was limiting system efficiency and causing damage to both the pump and the motor.

The Solution

NTPC turned to our experts at MagnaDrive for a solution and worked with our distributors at AVJ Engineering to isolate the issue and devise a response. With the working flow of the application being constant, AVJ Engineering recommended the use of the MagnaDrive E-Max Coupling rather than an ASD (Adjustable Speed Drive). That’s because the MagnaDrive E-Max has been specifically designed to operate efficiently in applications with a constant energy flow and works to reduce coupling output speed, pump speed, interior pressure and system energy consumption. The solution would mitigate the high energy costs NTPC were paying and prevent the transference of vibration by retaining a slower, steadier process speed.

The Result

As a result of integrating the MagnaDrive 17.0S FGC E-Max, NTPC has reduced energy consumption between 10% and 15% and significantly lowered vibration by working with a system specifically designed in-line with the pumps’ operating capacity.

Our team at MagnaDrive is working with firms across the industrial marketplace to enhance application efficiency and reduce energy costs. To learn more on the full range of coupling products we offer, please call our team today.



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