Reduce Maintenance Challenges with Permanent Magnetic Shaft Couplings

Conventional bolted couplings are known to be a leading cause of maintenance challenges in the modern industrial plant. These products require alignment, can transfer vibration to equipment and may cause equipment reliability issues over time. It’s why many plant operators are now turning to permanent magnetic shaft couplings in response. In this latest post, we’ll explore the value of permanent magnetic shaft couplings in the modern plant.

How do Permanent Magnetic Shaft Couplings Work?

To ensure you select the right products for your plants, it’s important you first learn more about their functionality and how they can be used within the facility. Permanent magnetic shaft couplings are designed to transfer power through couplings. They transfer driver torque efficiently without the need for alignment. These new non-contacting couplings are now in use at facilities across the globe.

Two types

One of the leading benefits of working with permanent magnetic shaft couplings is that is they offer two styles; variable and fixed speed. This means plant operators can choose the product most suitable for their plant and their growing operation requirements. In many cases, variable speed capability is required for reduced power and improvements in efficiency. Permanent magnetic shaft couplings support this commitment to higher performance levels. The variable speed value provided can help to achieve a 25% annual energy savings through improving the efficiency of pumps, fans, and other components.

Save on maintenance

A leading reason behind ever-higher maintenance costs within today’s plant operations is the transfer of vibration through conventional bolted couplings. The vibration from the equipment is transferred through to connected components and can cause lasting damage. A team of maintenance professionals is required to review equipment and to fix any alignment issues that occur as a result of vibration around the clock. Because permanent magnetic shaft couplings offer non-contact performance, they don’t transfer vibration and don’t require regular alignment. Companies are now saving thousands of dollars per year on plant maintenance by switching over to permanent magnetic shaft couplings.

To learn more about the benefits permanent magnetic shaft couplings can bring to your facility, contact our trusted product experts at MagnaDrive today.


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